Suzanne Chaundy – reviews

“Suzanne Chaundy’s production of this saga for Melbourne Opera is outstanding. Magnificent singers, effective sets by Andrew Bailey and some thrilling moments from the 90-piece Melbourne Opera Orchestra brilliantly conducted by experienced Wagnerian Anthony Negus.”

Die Walküre, Brian Angus, Bachtrack

“We were also keen for another taste of director Suzanne Chaundy’s multi-year Ring Cycle that had begun so well, and confirmed Melbourne Opera’s growing artistry and confidence. Die Walküre doesn’t disappoint”.. “Indeed this production’s ability to deliver Die Walküre’s moving and engrossing drama rarely wanes, so that more than five hours at the opera (including two generous intervals) flies by. Once again, Melbourne Opera has set the bar high for every opera company performing here during the year ahead”.

Die Walküre, Patricia Maunder, Limelight

“Melbourne Opera, under Chaundy’s direction, really pulled off a production of great existential magnitude and sublime beauty with Die Walküre.”

Die Walküre, Leila Lois, ArtsHub

“Chaundy reveals a logical extension of ideas nutted out in Das Rheingold and incorporates them with cleverly focused scenes characterised by symbolism and restraint. Chaundy populates them with an eagle eye on expressive weight and individual sensitivities.”

Die Walküre, Paul Selar AAR

“…there is so much going on in Walküre that it is hard for an audience to grasp the dramatic significance of what is happening in the music. Chaundy’s particular skill is in depicting the directness of the human relationships from which the tale develops”

5 stars, Die Walküre, Michael Smith, Australian Book Review

“Director Suzanne Chaundy has helmed countless Melbourne Opera productions in the past, and her feel for Wagner’s allegorical tendencies is on full display here. She knows that if symbolism is going to work, it needs real psychological texture to ground it, and she directs her singers towards and emotional realism that offsets the fantastical nature of the story. She subtly but surely pivots the opera around the character of Senta, making something moving and monumental about her sacrifice.”

‘The Flying Dutchman’ Time Out. 4 stars

“The whole was an enriching experience”

‘The Flying Dutchman’ Classic Melbourne

“Suzanne Chaundy’s impressive direction gives clarity and sensitivity in a staging realised with striking stylised economy and folkloric feel. Chaundy deftly balances the sexes…..the impression you get is that no stage in unconquerable for Melbourne Opera.”

‘The Flying Dutchman’  Herald Sun & Operachaser blog. 4.5 stars

“…an experience that comes close to the “total art work” Wagner envisaged”

‘The Flying Dutchman’ Limelight

“DESTROYED is a sophisticated piece of theatre that has its audience thinking from the moment Murray first speaks right up until its thoughtful closing moments. Murray and Chaundy’s collaboration and their unique approach in exploring de Beauvoir’s writing is beautifully conceived, resulting in an incredibly absorbing work”

My Melbourne Arts

“Chaundy’s Lohengrin addresses conflict, doubt and vulnerability sublimely on a scale of love and war. On a scale of should I or shouldn’t I, no procrastination necessary. Simply go!”

‘Lohengrin’ The Herald-Sun

“One of the key aspects of the success of the staging is director Suzanne Chaundy’s highly respectful treatment of the text. This is a completely faithful, traditional production, without so much as a whiff of a directorial conceit.”

‘Lohengrin’ The Man in The Chair

“Chaundy’s Tannhauser for Melbourne Opera a triumph”

‘Tannhäuser’ The Australian

“The direction was excellent”

‘Tannhäuser’ Stage Whispers

“Director Suzanne Chaundy presents a strong, clear telling of the drama, keeping the atmosphere terrifically tense…..”

‘Maria Stuarda’ Man in Chair

“A cohesive and stylistically interesting production. Its success due in large part to the bold artistic vision of director, Suzanne Chaundy.”

‘Der Freischütz’, Theatre People

“….Chaundy’s direction was tremendously imaginative”

‘Der Freischütz’ The Australian

“Conductor Richard Divall – experienced in this work – and director Suzanne Chaundy are a fine team, complementing each other in highlighting the opera’s dramatic moments but also its tenderness and beauty.”

‘Maria Stuarda’ The Age

“Suzanne Chaundy, who recently enjoyed a triumph with Melbourne Opera’s Tannhäuser, directs Our Man in Havana with clarity, humour and just the right amount of seriousness.”

OMIH, The Australian

“The creative team from 2015’s Maria Stuarda return with this new production. The emphasis is on the drama which unfolds between protagonists and to affect this, a stark, almost empty stage hints at the Tudor Rose, allowing room for the flowing gowns of sumptuous costuming….. Anna Bolena is a gorgeous addition to the Melbourne opera firmament.”

‘Anna Bolena’ CONCERTO NET

“Director Suzanne Chaundy made uncommonly inspired use of the chorus. Using formal, stylised placement that reflected rigid court etiquette, they acted as commentators on the action as well as jury.”

‘Anna Bolena’  Classic Melbourne

“…. Chaundy here has brought it into stunning relief…. The result is a triumph of invention and stagecraft.”

‘The Chapel Perilous’ Australian Stage Online

“Unforgettable…. Chaundy’s direction provides a rich critical reading… Mercilessly entertaining. Not to be missed.”

‘The Maids’ The Age

“Suzanne Chaundy’s direction is persuasive, with a keen ear for the pathos-as-alienation that gives this story its feels the laughter here conceals unknown terrors. Highly recommended.”

‘Herding Cats’ Time Out

“…one of the most genuinely funny productions of Don Pasquale I can recall. A delight from bar one… engagingly zany… the felicitous touches by director, Suzanne Chaundy bring this much produced opera to startling and sparkling new life.”

‘Don Pasquale’ The West Australian

“…nothing is more satisfying than stories about people who defied cultural and social conventions to follow their heart.”

‘In Between Two’ -Time Out

“…to achieve a sense of cultural heritage but also to reconcile and be able to turn life into art with music and wit. The sooner In Between Two is re-staged and widely so, the better.”

‘In Between Two’ -Real Time Arts

“Subtitled ‘A Quartet on Loss and Violence’, the play possesses an unemphatic musicality and Suzanne Chaundy’s rhythmical direction draws it out. She crafts an effect redolent of the purity and sadness of plainsong from the afterechoes of a tragedy few encounter and even fewer can weave into the pattern of their lives….Beyond the Neck is a haunting drama, and this nuanced ensemble production from Red Stitch allows its soft, broken chords to sing.”

‘Beyond The Neck’ The Age

“Director Suzanne Chaundy conducts like a maestro. It’s a challenging text that could collapse into sentiment in the wrong hands, but by guiding the cast to hold their emotions close, Chaundy lets the grace notes of humour offer light and understanding without the easy comfort hope or the overwhelming fear of hopelessness…. Beyond the Neck is beautiful and unmissable theatre told by artists who understand the responsibility of telling such resonating stories.”

‘Beyond The Neck’ Aussie Theatre