David Wakeham – Reviews

Rigoletto – Germany 

Die Premiere des Klassikers an der Behrenstraße sollte krönender Abschluss der Verdi-Wochen werden. Doch ohne David Wakeham in der Titelpartie wäre sie zum Flopp geworden. Der Bariton sang sich in Berlin zum Star
Von Dirk Krampitz, Berling Kultar
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Wagner Opera Spectacular – Australia 

With the memory Bryn Terfel’s recent performance of ‘Wotan’s Farewell’ in Hamer Hall still reasonably fresh, it was inevitable that comparisons with David Wakeham would be made, no matter how unfair. Nevertheless, despite the fact that Terfel’s immense vocal wattage puts just about every other potential Wotan in the shade, Wakeman’s vocal qualities are not dissimilar to Terfel’s in some ways. Although his middle register was occasionally over-ridden by the full orchestra, the beauty and gathered richness of his voice was evident in every note. Not surprisingly, given his operatic experience, he made an impressive Gurnemanz in the ‘Grail Scene’ from Parsifal.
Heather Leviston, Performing Arts Hub

Nabucco – England 

David Wakehams Nabucco, however, was memorable – his was assured, old fashioned, and stylish Verdi singing, and somehow he managed to inject seriousness into the role, despite being dressed as a circus ringmaster or as a lion.
Peter Reed, Opera UK

After the entrance as lion on a scooter, anything David Wakeham’s Nabucco had to offer would have been an anticlimax, but his aria was one of the few pleasures of the evening.
Richard Fairman, Financial Times

The evening is salvaged by the raw energy of the music and Wakeham’s noble Verdian style.
Hugh Canning, The Sunday Times

Nabucco – Athens

David Wakeham was particularly outstanding in the role of Nabucco, especially for the firm, solid, clear and uncontracted formulation of his phrases in the aria. The hot and individual timbre of his voice, characterized the harmony and mellifluousness of his voice in all parts. It was a continuously enjoyable presentation.
Luciano Caplantzi

The British baritone played the role of a wonderful vocally balanced, melodramatic and slightly threatening Nabucco.
Panayioti Timoyanaki

David Wakeham with the special timbre of his voice is a convincing dictator who reminds us with the costumes of his followers, a country
of an ex-socialist republic. But he sings with a polish and phonetic shiver until the very end.
Tassou Valavanindent

Rigoletto – Germany

Without David Wakeham in the title role of Rigoletto, this production would have been a total flop. The baritone sang himself into stardom in Berlin: all critics agreed on this point. The premiere evening at the Komische Oper gave birth to a new star in the baritone David Wakeham. He gave a polished performance in the title role. The public celebrated his success with a standing ovation, something not seen for some time at this opera house.
Welt am Sontag, 25.02.2001

David Wakeham earned top honours in the title role….no hunchback he, but a big rugged Aussie with a big rugged voice that surges out of him with almost too much ease. He also takes top honours for his enunciation in the audience’s native tongue.
Musical America.com, 23.02.2001

The father/daughter scenes in fact are amongst the strongest impressions, musically, in the production. This is above all due to David Wakeham, a fool who is a credible figure, who can arouse empathy; he gave a thrilling dramatic performance, and was utterly convincing vocally as well, with an individual baritone voice which is full of character, of resonant warmth and has a richly substantial middle register.

David Wakeham does have a fine baritone voice, equal to Verdi’s wide ranging demands and capable of vocal painting on a broad palette.
Opera, U.K.

A wonderful Rigoletto ended the “Berlin Verdi Festival Season”.  Outstanding in singing and acting was David Wakeham in the title role of the jealous court jester Rigoletto.
Berliner Zeitung, 20.02.2001

The ugly fool would have remained on the fringe of events if the Australian Baritone David Wakeham had not sung his way into the hearts of the opera public. He does this with conviction and beauty of vocal quality and yet so awe-inspiring.
Berliner Kurier, 20.02.2001

It is true that David Wakeham can sometimes look sinister and frightening and at the same time curls his mouth like “Mario Adorf”, Germanys leading character actor.
Financial Times DE, 20.02.2001

Dynamically sumptuous in voice and moving in expression was David Wakeham as Rigoletto.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 20.02.2001

The title role of Rigoletto was played by David Wakeham, an expressive singer for the dramatic stage.
Der Tagesspeigel, 20.02.2001

In the title role of Rigoletto was David Wakeham hailed with ovations from the public.
Deutsche Press Agentur, 19.02.2001

David Wakeham presented a performance of overwhelming power. His vocal quality always intense but sometimes imbued with a tremulous quality, expressing a Rigoletto whose function as court jester was repulsive to him.
Ouveture Radio 3, 19.02.2001

La Traviata – Australia

David Wakeham sang Germont with steel in his voice and interpreted Di Provensa with angry manipulation, which made his remorse at Violetta’s downfall even more telling.
Sunday Sun Herald, 01.04.2001

Wakeham was suitably patrician and imposing, and at times of conflict he took control in a way that was utterly believable.
Herald Sun, 02.04.2001

Verdi gives Germont, sung by David Wakeham, music of a kind of dogged innocence that is wonderfully emphasised by Wakeham’s self-assured baritone voice. Violetta’s fierce love is never a match for Germont’s sanctimonious hypocrisy as portrayed by Wakeham.

Nabucco – Australia

David Wakeham sang the title role of Nabucco with a warm timbre and expressive voice.
 The West Australian, Australia, August 2006

Wakeham’s depiction of the crazed king who was struck down in a torrent of blood in the Temple of Baal was extraordinarily powerful. His singing was vocal acting of the highest quality and had a riveting intensity.
 Opera-Opera, October 2006

David Wakeham’s Nabucco, the all-conquering Assyrian god-king, is impressive, perhaps even more so when his character goes mad.
STM Arts Editor, Jan Hallam August 21, 2006

Tristan and Isolde – Australia

A Wagnerian wonder…..David Wakeham, as Tristan’s friend Kurwenal, produced a stream of exquisite, velvet-mellow vocal sound…..
The West Australian, Australia November 2006

David Wakeham’s Kurwenal was vocally impressive.
The Australian, Australia November 2006