Suzanne Chaundy, director – new production of Die Walküre

We are thrilled to share these outstanding reviews of @suzannechaundy who directed the new @melbourneopera production of #DieWalküre #RichardWagner

Conducted by #AnthonyNegus

Limelight Magazine @limelightartsau

“Once again, Melbourne Opera has set the bar high for every opera company performing here during the year ahead.“

Arts Review

“Continuing Wagner’s 4-part musical drama after opening with Das Rheingold this time last year, Melbourne Opera and director Suzanne Chaundy nail it…Chaundy reveals a logical extension of ideas nutted out in Das Rheingold and incorporates them with cleverly focused scenes characterised by symbolism and restraint. Chaundy populates them with an eagle eye on expressive weight and individual sensitivities.”

Limelight @limelightartsau

“We were also keen for another taste of director Suzanne Chaundy’s multi-year Ring Cycle that had begun so well, and confirmed Melbourne Opera’s growing artistry and confidence. Die Walküre doesn’t disappoint. Indeed, it’s probably a tad better than last year’s Das Rheingold, with even more impressive production design and all-Australian cast, led by an outstanding Warwick Fyfe.”

The Age @theageaustralia

“The characters are murky and contradictory in their motivations and actions, and Melbourne Opera’s staging successfully takes a less-is-more approach, letting the strength of the text stand for itself. Director Suzanne Chaundy is clearly aware that the fantastical story doesn’t need to be jazzed up or given new context – it is just as shocking and cruel as when it was first staged in 1870.”

Simon Parris man in chair

“Director Suzanne Chaundy oversees a clear conceptual continuum from Das Rheingold, again wisely giving key attention to the sheer scale of emotion required to capture and maintain audience engagement and for the climactic moments to land with full force. The impact of the drama can only be described as a success, the characters holding firm against the necessary focus on the music.”

Spectator AU @thespectatoraustralia

“Suzanne Chaundy’s production is classical and watchable and would have been intelligible to Wagner. And, on top of that, transfiguring everything, Warwick Fyfe is a distinguished Wotan who is not only secure of voice but creates a powerful and moving sense of the conflicts that ravage the Lord of Valhalla.”


“Director Suzanne Chaundy has an extensive history of experience in staging Wagner’s operas. She drew out the rejection of love in Das Rheingold as a central theme and now offers another facet to our understanding of humanity’s driving force when we see the power of love to motivate our actions. Again, it is the text and the music which are foremost. Her unfussy staging allows focus on the clarity of the text and the implications each has for the propulsion of the drama. The heat of physical attraction is juxtaposed against imperious, distanced manipulation by the gods in a way almost reflective of classical Greek tragedy. Ms Chaundy’s control and pacing of the massive text brings to light many minute nuances and encourages the performers to respond to each other in ways which contrast the enormity of life and death decisions they are taking.”